Breakthrough in Probiotic Technology Has Significant Weight Loss Implications

Boston scientists develop a brand new probiotic supplement that helps you lose weight.

On Sep 20, 2013

(Boston) – Historically, weight loss strategies have only focused on increasing metabolism to burn more calories. This can be effective for some, but for the vast majority of Americans who suffer from occasional digestive issues, this limited strategy just doesn’t cut it. Occasional gas, bloating and constipation have a significant impact on how your gut looks and feels as well.

So, how is the weight-conscious American supposed to improve how their gut looks and feels?

Luckily for the millions of Americans trying to lose weight and improve their digestive health, Boston researchers have just developed a breakthrough probiotic supplement that actually assists in weight loss. ProbioSlim, the groundbreaking new probiotic supplement, utilizes the LS3664 compound, which not only helps you lose weight, but also has all of the digestive benefits that probiotics are traditionally known for, as well.

ProbioSlim is the revolutionary new formula that helps you:

  • Lose weight
  • Burn fat
  • Ease diarrhea and relieve constipation
  • Reduce gas and bloating
  • Improve overall digestive health

Finally, Americans who wish to slim down while improving their digestive health have a reason to celebrate, as ProbioSlim gives them the perfect option to help accomplish both.

The researchers behind this breakthrough are so enthusiastic to share their finding that they are actually click here to request your free sample.

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